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21 September 2019
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Keep it cool
In a world where supply chains can span multiple national borders, and the regulatory environment is becoming more demanding, good collaboration between partners is essential. Kim Thomas speaks with Sanofi ’s Didier Basseras about how to make it succeed throughout the chain.

Compare and contrast
Choosing comparators is often an onerous process that involves navigating a lot of different models. A key decision is choosing between global and local sourcing. David Callaghan discusses the advantages and risks of different options, and how to determine the right partner for a trial.

Strong ties
Social media is a powerful tool for patient recruitment, providing a valuable addition to more traditional methods. It can be harnessed to build strong relationships between sponsors, site physicians and patients that begin before the trial and can last all the way through to the next. Wolfgang Eglmeier of Witten/Herdecke University talks to Emma Green about how to optimise social media strategies to foster these connections.

Cool runnings
With the stakes being so high for cold chain, finding new ways to maximise efficiencies and prevent revenue losses is key. Digitisation is a cost-effective option with huge potential, but it remains underutilised within the industry. Abi Millar investigates how to successfully harness these technologies to optimise procedures.

New direction
The growth of direct-to-patient (DtP) clinical trial strategies is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Adopting a DtP approach has the potential to improve recruitment, retention and efficiencies, as well as reduce costs. However, legal and regularity barriers can hinder implementation. Emma Green considers the challenges.

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