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16 January 2019
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Safely delivering the goods: a successful supply chain
It is often the final stage of a drug’s journey that can be the most hazardous. Ensuring the cold chain is not broken means understanding a number of variables. Erik Agterhuis, senior manager of logistics and EU supply chain at Kite Pharma, outlines the considerations one must make in order to ensure successful delivery.

Room for improvement: cold-chain pharmaceuticals
Huge investment and attention have been spent on improving and standardising the safe shipment of cold chain pharmaceuticals, but to what extent is there a danger of all this attention meaning we take logistics surrounding room-temperature products for granted? Russell Brierley, Lupin’s director of clinical supplies, outlines some of the challenges involved in the transport of pharmaceuticals at controlled room temperature and putting the right steps in place to ensure their safe delivery.

Medicine for the planet: sustainable packaging
The primary job of packaging is to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products, but the wrong choice of material can be detrimental to a company’s sustainability goals – especially if it ends up in landfill or the oceans. Paul King explores the trade-offs involved in designing packaging and asks what a truly sustainable package looks like in 2018.

Calculating risk
Last year, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering released the second edition of ‘Baseline Guide: Risk-Based Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products’, to help manage the risk of cross-contamination in shared facilities. What kind of strategies does the guide recommend and what challenges does cross-contamination still pose to the pharmaceutical industry? Patrick Kingsland asks guide co-author Stephanie Wilkins.

Packing heat: temperature control during storage and distribution
Uncontrolled temperature fluctuation during distribution and storage can be a significant source of revenue loss, and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking for new ways to prevent excursions and improve monitoring systems. James Krupa, director of clinical supplies at Shire, speaks to Patrick Kingsland about the efficacy of sharing strategies and other best practice for optimising storage options, monitoring temperatures in difficult conditions and preparing for unexpected circumstances.

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